Top Choice Mosque in Üsküdar

Atik Valide Mosque

This is one of the two great İstanbul mosque complexes designed by Mimar Sinan. Though not as spectacular as the Süleymaniye, it was designed to a similar plan and built in a similarly commanding location. Its exten…
Mosque in Üsküdar

Şakirin Mosque

One of the few architecturally notable modern mosques in İstanbul, this 2009 building was designed by Hüsrev Tayla and its interior was decorated by Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu, best known for her glamorous restaurant and ni…
Mosque in Üsküdar

Şemsi Ahmed Paşa Mosque

This charming mosque complex on the waterfront was designed by Mimar Sinan and built in 1580 for one of Süleyman the Magnificent's grand viziers, Şemsi Ahmed Paşa. It is modest in size and decoration, reflecting the…
Mosque in Üsküdar

Çinili Mosque

This little mosque is fairly unprepossessing from the outside, but the interior is a totally different story. The walls are decorated with gorgeous İznik tiles, the bequest of Mahpeyker Kösem (1640), wife of Sultan …
Mosque in Üsküdar

Yeni Valide Mosque

Unusual due to the striking 'birdcage' tomb in its overgrown garden, this mosque was built by Sultan Ahmet III between 1708 and 1710 for his mother, Gülnuş Emetullah, who had been the favourite concubine of Mehmet I…
Mosque in Üsküdar

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

Sometimes called the İskele (Dock) Camii, this mosque was designed by Mimar Sinan for Süleyman the Magnificent's daughter Mihrimah. Built between 1547 and 1548, it was the first mosque in which Sinan used his tradem…
Mosque in Üsküdar

Ayazma Mosque

One of the most prominent sights on the Üsküdar skyline, this baroque-style mosque was built in 1760–61 by order of Sultan Mustafa III and is currently closed for renovation. Access is usually via the courtyard and …
Mosque in Üsküdar

Ahmediye Mosque

Eminzade Hacı Ahmet Paşa, comptroller of the Arsenal under Ahmet III, commissioned this mosque and attached medrese in 1722. Its unusual design features a main gate with a dershane (lecture hall) and library built o…
Market in Üsküdar

Fish Market

Üsküdar's fish market is close to the iskele (dock), at the centre of of bustling shopping precinct. Shops sell fruit, vegetables, dried nuts, pickles and sweets as well as the catch of the day.
Tower in Üsküdar

Kız Kulesi

İstanbul is a maritime city, so it's appropriate that one of its most distinctive landmarks is on the water. The tower is open to the public during the day as a café-restaurant. Small boats run from Salacak to the i…