When Europe Meets Asia: Full Day Private Tour

Private & Custom Tours in Istanbul
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Tour description

Go to Europe and Asia and enjoy the best of both worlds in a way that’s only possible in Istanbul! Go on a fascinating journey through the best highlights together with some hidden gems, in both sides of the city. This private tour shows you what makes Istanbul proud no matter what side you stand!

Where else can you go from Europe to Asia in a blink of an eye? Only in Istanbul! Want to see the best of both worlds in one day? Then this is the tour for you! Get ready to see the best Istanbul has to offer as you explore the unique charms of each side of the city. Your local insider will be by your side to show you the way on this private tour.Let’s kickstart with some classics! On the European side, you can instantly appreciate the beautiful highlights that boast in the heart of the city. The stone pillar, standing tall in the Hippodrome welcomes you with a glimpse of the Roman Empire. And what would a trip to Istanbul be without seeing the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia & the Topkapi Palace?Check out the hippest neighborhood in town and do as the locals do: get on a tram and head to Karakoy. Enjoy amazing views as you cross the Galata bridge and see how locals fish along the bridge. No matter what time or day, there's always a fish to catch! Take the ferry, cross the Bosphorus and mingle with the locals. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the view, and if you are lucky, you’ll spot some dolphins accompanying you for a safe travel. The hippest of them all is Kadikoy! Go straight for a delicious local lunch & to an old candy shop for the best Turkish delight. As you wander around this ‘neighborhood da moda’, you’ll stumble into a cultural gem and a must-see: the Sureyya Opera House. Here’s where your day of getting to know Istanbul comes to an end.Here is the plan of the tour:Meeting Point: Meet your local host by the German FountainStop 1: Learn the fascinating stories linked to the famous HippodromeStop 2: Take the side entrance into the courtyard of Istanbuls most beautiful (and blue) mosqueStop 3: Head further around Sultanahmet area and hear about the amazing Hagia SophiaStop 4: Walk through the gardens of Topkapi Palace and learn about the Sultans who lived thereStop 5: Discover a local yet artistic hidden gem and enjoy a teaStop 6: Time to take a tram down to Karakoy areaStop 7: Smell it before you see it, grab a simit from a traditional Turkish BakersStop 8: Ride up in one of the worlds oldest funiculars to the amazing Galata areaStop 9: Uncover an quant building where you can see the traditions of the Whirling DervishesStop 10: Boat ride: It’s time to go to cross the sea and head to AsiaStop 11: See the contrasts of the Asian side with it’s local shopping areaStop 12: Your host will take you to their FAVOURITE spot for a delicious lunchStop 13:Afterwords go around the corner to a very special place for a coffeeStop 14: Walk around the hip neighbourhood and check out the old Opera HouseStop 15: Time to discover Moda, where each person looks even cooler than the lastStop 16:Finish up with a view of the ocean whilst enjoying a refreshing tea

What's included

  • Local guide
  • 3 non alcoholic drinks
  • Private tour: only you & your local host
  • Coffee and/or Tea

What's not included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off