There won’t be too many times in your life when you’ll get the opportunity to have a Turkish bath in a building dating back to 1584, so now might well be the time to do it – particularly as this twin hamam was designed by the great architect Sinan and is among the most beautiful in the city.

The building was commissioned by Nurbanu Sultan, wife of Selim II and mother of Murat III. Both of its bath chambers have a huge marble sıcaklık (circular marble heat platform) and a gorgeous dome with glass apertures. The camekan (entrance hall) for men is original, but the women's version is new.

It costs ₺75 to add an oil massage to the standard bath package, but all massages and treatments here are perfunctory, so we'd suggest giving this a miss and opting for the cheaper self-serve option. Tips are meant to be covered in the treatment price and there’s a 20% discount for ISIC student-card holders.