Top things to do in Güzelyurt

Historic Site in Güzelyurt

Monastery Valley

The 4.5km Monastery Valley is full of rock-cut churches and dwellings cut into the cliff walls. It's a lovely place for a stroll and panoramic viewpoints abound. From Güzelyurt's main square, take the signposted rig…
Mosque in Güzelyurt

Büyük Kilise Camii

The impressive facade of the Büyük Kilise Camii (Mosque of the Great Church) is the first major building after the ticket office at Monastery Valley. Built as the Church of St Gregory of Nazianzus in AD 385, it was …
Historic Site in Güzelyurt

Güzelyurt Underground City

Entry into this underground city is right beside the Monastery Valley ticket office. The restored complex ranges across several levels and includes one hair-raising section where you descend through a hole in the fl…
Historic Site in Güzelyurt

Gaziemir Underground City

Some 18km east of Güzelyurt, just off the road to Derinkuyu, is Gaziemir underground city, opened in 2007. Churches, a winery with wine barrels, food depots, hamams and tandır (clay-oven) fireplaces can be seen. Cam…
Church in Güzelyurt

Sivişli Kilisesi

Opposite the Büyük Kilise Camii at Monastery Valley, a set of stairs leads up to the tranquil Sivişli Kilisesi (Church of the Panagia) with damaged, but still colourful frescoes decorating the apse and domed ceiling…
Monastery in Güzelyurt

Yüksek Kilise & Manastır

This religious complex is perched high on a rock overlooking Güzelyurt lake, some 2km south of a signposted turn-off on the Ihlara road 1km west of Güzelyurt. The walled compound containing the plain church and mona…
Church in Güzelyurt

Kızıl Kilise

Against a backdrop of stark, sweeping fields, the red masonry of the Kızıl Kilise stands out for miles. One of Cappadocia's oldest churches, it was built in the 5th or 6th century and dedicated to St Gregory of Nazi…
Church in Güzelyurt

Kalburlu Kilisesi

Some 2km after the Monastery Valley ticket office you enter a gorge, hemmed by high cliffs. The Kalburlu Kilisesi (Church with a Screen) with its superb chiselled entrance is the first rock-outcrop building in the g…
Church in Güzelyurt

Kömürlü Kilisesi

Almost-adjoining the Kalburlu Kilisesi at Monastery Valley, is the Kömürlü Kilisesi (Coal Church) which has carvings including an elaborate lintel above the entrance and some Maltese crosses.
Turkish in Güzelyurt

Ailem Restaurant

This lokanta (eatery serving ready-made food) in the centre of town is a solid bet for filling meals of various güveç (stewed meat), beans and simple meat dishes.