Top things to do in Gordion

Ruins in Gordion

Midas Tumulus

In 1957 Austrian archaeologist Alfred Koerte discovered Gordion, and with it the intact tomb of a Phrygian king, probably buried some time between 740 and 718 BC. The tomb is actually a gabled 'cottage' of cedar sur…
Museum in Gordion

Gordion Museum

In the museum opposite the Midas Tumulus, Macedonian and Babylonian coins show Gordion's position at the centre of Anatolian trade, communications and military activities, as do the bronze figurines and glass-bead j…
Ruins in Gordion


Just beyond Yassıhöyük village is the weatherbeaten 8th-century-BC acropolis. Excavations here have yielded a wealth of data on Gordion's many civilisations. The site is a mass of jumbled, half-buried walls and, tha…