Top Choice Kebap in Gaziantep


Lauded as home of the city's finest kebaps, Şirvan is definitely worth the short taxi ride from central Antep for seasonal specialties such as kebaps with keme mantari (local truffles), or Malta eriği (loquats). Zin…
Top Choice Bakery in Gaziantep


Renowned as the city's finest pastane (patisserie), Orkide also serves the best brunch (TL30) in town. Look forward to katmer, local cheeses, jams, honey and salads, all partnered with warm and fluffy flatbread. Tur…
Turkish in Gaziantep

İmam Çağdaş

The Çağdaş family's pistachio baklava is delivered daily to customers throughout Turkey. The secret of their success is fresh, carefully chosen ingredients; also good are the creamy, chargrilled aubergine flavours o…
Bakery in Gaziantep

Katmerci Murat

The best entertainment of your day could be watching the graceful actions of Murat's head pastry chef as he transforms a compact ball of dough into a plate of gossamer-light katmer, a delicious baked confection comb…
Anatolian in Gaziantep

Yörem Mutfağı

Good value homestyle lunches are a pick-and-point affair – the dishes change daily – and dinner is more formal with a wider range. Look for the AK Parti sign on the street skirting the northern edge of the Atatürk K…
Turkish in Gaziantep

Çulcuoğlu Et Lokantası

Çulcuoğlu's lamb kebaps and grilled chicken are both great. Don't be fooled by the unremarkable entrance, as there's a dining area at the back. It's tucked away down a narrow side street about 20m from a little mosq…
Turkish in Gaziantep

Metanet Lokantası

Tucked away near Kozluca Camii, Metanet is a top place to try beyran, a popular breakfast and lunch dish combining soup, rice and slowly-cooked tandir meat. Arrive early to avoid missing out.
Sweets in Gaziantep


Middle Eastern in Gaziantep

Orijinal Halep Lokantası

In Gaziantep's emerging 'Little Aleppo' neighbourhood, this simple restaurant serves fatteh (flatbread), falafel and hummus, and is also a bustling hub for journalists, NGOs and Syrian opposition activists.