Gallipoli Peninsula attractions

Park in Gallipoli Peninsula

Gallipoli Campaign Historic Site

Set within the 33,500 hectares of the Gallipoli Peninsula, this historic site protects the cemeteries and battlefields of the Anzac campaign. There are currently 40 Allied war cemeteries at Gallipoli, and around 20 …
Cemetery in Gallipoli Peninsula

Lone Pine Cemetery

Lone Pine is perhaps the most moving of all the Anzac cemeteries. Australian forces captured the Turkish positions here on the afternoon of 6 August 1915. During the battle, which was staged in an area the size of a…
Cemetery in Gallipoli Peninsula

Chunuk Bair New Zealand Cemetery & Memorial

Chunuk Bair (Conk Bayiri in Turkish), was the first objective of the Allied landing in April 1915, and is now the site of of this cemetery and memorial, and the Conkbayırı Atatürk Anıtı, a huge statue of the Turkish…
Monument in Gallipoli Peninsula


On the morning of 7 August 1915, the 8th (Victorian) and 10th (Western Australian) Regiments of the third Light Horse Brigade vaulted out of their trenches at the Nek and into withering fire. They were cut down befo…
Bay in Gallipoli Peninsula

Anzac Cove (Anzac Koyu)

Initial Anzac landing site on the ill-fated morning of April 25 1915.
Museum in Gallipoli Peninsula

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Centre

If visiting Gallipoli independently, it's a good idea to start your tour at this high-tech museum roughly 1km east of the village of Kabatepe. It comprises 11 gallery rooms in which high-tech 3D simulation equipment…
Cemetery in Gallipoli Peninsula

French War Memorial & Cemetery

The rarely visited French cemetery is extremely moving, with rows of metal crosses and five white-concrete ossuaries each containing the bones of 3000 soldiers. French troops, including a regiment of Africans, attac…
Fortress in Kilitbahir


This massive fortress dominates tiny Kilitbahir. Although closed for restoration at the time of research, the spectacular exterior is worth a look. Built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452 and given a grand seven-store…
Cemetery in Gallipoli Peninsula

Baby 700 Cemetery

Named after its height above sea level in feet, Baby 700 was the limit of the initial Allied attack, and the graves here are mostly dated 25 April. It's on the right from the access road to the Nek. Nearby is the Ot…
Beach in Gallipoli Peninsula

Brighton Beach

Near Kabatepe village, Brighton Beach was a favourite swimming spot for Anzac troops during the campaign. Today, this is the only officially sanctioned swimming spot on the peninsula.