Fish Market

Top choice seafood in Fethiye

This circle of fishmongers ringed by restaurants is Fethiye's most atmospheric eating experience: buy fresh fish (per kilo ₺10 to ₺35) and calamari (₺45), take it to a restaurant to have them cook it, and watch the fishmongers competing for attention with the waiter-touts, flower sellers and roaming fasıl (gypsy music) buskers.

The fishmongers are much of a piscatory muchness, but you could try Pehlivan Baş. They may try to steer you towards a restaurant they work with, but you are, of course, under no obligation. There is also little to distinguish the restaurants, which typically charge ₺8 for mezes and ₺6 per head to cook the fish, with an olive oil and garlic sauce, lemon, rocket and çay thrown in. Make sure they don't place unordered mezes on the table and charge you for it. Reis Balık and Cem & Can are both good choices. A small vegetable market and produce shops selling cheese and honey adjoin the market's central covered courtyard.