Top Choice Seafood in Fethiye


This stylish little eatery with blue and red chairs at white tables allows you to experience the buzz of the Fish Market without purchasing from the fishmongers. The delightful mezes and mains include calamari, octo…
Top Choice Turkish in Fethiye

Paşa Kebab

Nearly always bustling, and with a menu that's something of a novella, Paşa does a fine line in Turkish staples. If you're hungry, try the Paşa Special, a gigantic and delicious kebap concoction of beef, tomato, bul…
Top Choice Seafood in Fethiye

Fish Market

This circle of fishmongers ringed by restaurants is Fethiye's most atmospheric eating experience: buy fresh fish (per kilo ₺10 to ₺35) and calamari (₺45), take it to a restaurant to have them cook it, and watch the …
International in Fethiye

Meğri Restaurant

If you want a change from the tomato-cucumber-parsley Turkish salad combo, Meğri Restaurant (not to be confused with nearby Meğri Lokantasi) is a great choice. We really like its broccoli and chicken salad, its huge…
Kebap in Fethiye

İskele Ocakbaşı

Head to İskele for kebaps and steaks in style. The grilled dishes from its ocakbaşı (grill house, or 'fireside') are excellent and the super-friendly service really makes this place shine. The shady outdoor patio ov…
Market in Fethiye

Weekly Market

Fethiye's enormous market takes place on Tuesday along the canal between Atatürk Caddesi and Pürşabey Caddesi, next to the stadium.
Seafood in Fethiye

Reis Balık

One way to taste Fethiye's fabulous fish is to buy your own (per kilo ₺10 to ₺35) from the circle of fishmongers in the covered fish market, then take it to one of the surrounding restaurants to have them cook it th…
Turkish in Fethiye

Meğri Lokantasi

Looking for us at lunchtime in Fethiye? We're usually here. You can pick a meaty grill off the (more expensive) menu but do as the locals do: head inside and mix and match a plate (large mixed plate, ₺20) from their…
Seafood in Fethiye

Fish Kebap Boats

A few small boats moored off Uğur Mumcu Parkı offer balık ekmek (fish in bread) and fish and chips (₺15), with seating on their bobbing decks. They offer a cheap way to sample the local fish, but are better for lunc…
Sweets in Fethiye

Gaziantep Ulaşlıoğlu Baklavaları

Oozing succulent goodness, Fethiye's best baklava can be accompanied by a tub of dondurma (ice cream), although, sadly, you must seek çay elsewhere.