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Ferries sail to Rhodes in Greece (one-way/same-day return/open return €50/60/75, 1½ hours) from Fethiye pier, opposite the tourist office. They operate daily June through to September, on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in May and October, and roughly weekly during April. Boats depart at 9am from Fethiye and leave from Rhodes at 4.30pm.

Tickets are available near the pier from Ocean Yachting Travel Agency and Yeşil Dalyan.


Otogar Bus Services

Fethiye's small but busy otogar is 2.5km east of the town centre.

Buses and dolmuşes (minibuses) taking the coastal route to Antalya (₺45, six hours) leave around every hour in high season, stopping at Kınık (for Xanthos; ₺12, one hour), Kalkan (₺17, 1½ hours), Kaş (₺20, two hours) and the Olympos turn-off (₺30, 4¾ hours). Buses taking the much quicker inland road direct to Antalya (₺30, 3½ hours) leave at 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 6.30pm.

Heading north to Marmaris (₺24, two hours) dolmuşes leave every hour between 7.45am and 10.45pm.

You can also catch the dolmuşes direct to Ölüdeniz, Faralya and Kabak, and Kayaköy at the bus stop on the main road outside the otogar, in front of the Carrefour supermarket.

Local Dolmuşes

Many dolmuşes heading for destinations in the local vicinity depart from a station, 1km east of the centre, near the petrol station, but handily stop at a dolmuş stand in the town centre, near the new mosque and opposite the TTNet shop. Destinations include Ovacık (₺3.75), Hisarönü (₺3.75), Kayaköy (₺5.50), Ölüdeniz (₺5.50), Faralya and Kabak (₺6.50) and Saklıkent (₺11).

Tourist Shuttles

Tribe Travel operates shuttles most days to Pamukkale (₺40, four hours, 240km) and Selçuk (₺50, 4½ hours, 285km) between May and August. The shuttle picks up from Fethiye accommodation at 9.30am and leaves from Selçuk at 3.30pm.