Museum in Fethiye

Fethiye Museum

Focusing on Lycian finds from Telmessos as well as the ancient settlements of Tlos and Kaunos, this museum exhibits pottery, jewellery, small statuary and votive stones (including the important Grave Stelae and the …
Tomb in Fethiye

Tomb of Amyntas

Fethiye’s most recognisable sight is the mammoth Tomb of Amyntas, an Ionic temple facade carved into a sheer rock face in 350 BC, in honour of 'Amyntas son of Hermapias’. Located south of the centre, it is best visi…
Historic Site in Fethiye


Dolmuşes run to this nearby open-air museum, an evocative Ottoman Greek 'ghost town' that was abandoned after the population exchange of 1923. You can also walk over the hill and through the forest (5km, 1½ hours).
Tomb in Fethiye

Lycian Stone Sarcophagus

This excellent example of a Lycian sarcophagus is near Fethiye's belediye (city hall).
Beach in Fethiye

Çalış Beach

About 5km northeast of Fethiye's centre is Çalış, a narrow stretch of gravel beach lined with mass-produced hotels as well as pubs and chip shops patronised by British expats. Part of the James Bond film Skyfall was…
Fortress in Fethiye

Crusader Fortress

On the hillside above (and south of) Fethiye and along the road to Kayaköy, you can't miss the ruined tower of a Crusader fortress, built by the Knights of St John at the start of the 15th century on earlier (perhap…
Ruins in Fethiye

Roman Theatre

In the centre of Fethiye, just behind the harbour, is Telmessos' 6000-seat Roman theatre dating from the 2nd century BC. Neglected for years, it was undergoing serious restoration when we passed through.
Tomb in Fethiye

Lycian Sarcophagus

A good example of a Lycian sarcophagus, standing in the middle of Kaya Caddesi
Monument in Fethiye

Martyrs' Monument

A major landmark on Fethiye's waterfront promenade.
Mosque in Fethiye

Eski Camii

Fethiye's tiny old mosque is squeezed between souvenir shops and cafes in the bazaar district.