Far Northeast drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Kars

Pasha Cafe

The favoured spot of Kars' fashionable under-35s, Pasha has lively staff, a great glass-fronted upstairs gallery, and a buzzıng atmosphere from morning till night, especially when there's live Turkish pop (from 7pm)…
Pub in Kars

Barış Türkü Evi

Housed in a historic mansion, this cafe-bar serves beer and attracts students and under-35s of both sexes, especially for the live Turkish/Caucasian/Kurdish music on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Club in Kars

Ozzi Bar

With its alcoholic drinks and DJs playing pop and EDM, Ozzi sometimes pulls in enough students to get lively from about midnight. The entrance is down a short alley, next to a cinema.
Tea Garden in Kars

İstihkam Aile Çay Bahçesi

This leafy riverside spot is perfect for a glass of çay in the shade, especially after walking up to the castle.