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Eskişehir's protected heritage district is a real aesthetic treat. Elegant pastel-shaded traditional homes with distinctive overhanging stories and wood-framed shutters stand on narrow stone lanes, along with mosque…
Top Choice Museum in Eskişehir

City Museum

Included in this collection is Eskişehir's Museum of Contemporary Glass Art, a unique display donated by about 70 Turkish and foreign artists. The tradition of melting and fusing glass dates to the Pharaohs, and a l…
Top Choice Museum in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Science & Experiment Centre

Like a cross between a science centre and a fairground, this colourful and hugely entertaining complex illustrates the many forces of nature through hands-on experiments. Interactive classics such as the oh-so-scary…
Historic Site in Eskişehir

Kurşunlu Külliyesi Complex

This sublime old-town complex was built between 1517 and 1525 by a leading master of classical Ottoman architecture, Acem Ali, though internal structures were built and rebuilt in following centuries.Behind the 1492…
Museum in Eskişehir

Museum of the Republican History

This museum celebrates Atatürk and the Turkish Republic through hundreds of photos, paintings and collages covering seminal events such as the battles of Gallipoli, Sakarya and Dumlupınar. Models of Turkish WWI wars…
Park in Eskişehir

Sazova Park

West of the centre on the Küthaya road, this area of cleared sazova (cane field) has been turned into a family-friendly paradise of fresh air and rolling lawns. The theme-park-worthy attractions include a fairy-tale…
Market in Eskişehir

Atlıhan Complex

Eskişehir is famous for its weird and wonderful white rock, mined locally and shaped into pipes and other objects. The Atlıhan Complex hosts two floors of local artisans' shops where you can browse objects made of t…
Museum in Eskişehir

Archaeological Museum

This modern museum showcases prehistoric artefacts, items from Hittite, Phyrygian and classical antiquity, including goddess figurines, floor mosaics and sarcophagi, plus many Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman coins. It …
Notable Building in Eskişehir

Osmanlı Evi

This renovated former inn opened in 1890, and Atatürk stayed here in 1920 during his military campaigning. The cafe serves traditional Turkish food.
Park in Eskişehir

Kent Park

On the tram line near the otogar (bus station), beautiful City Park is a civic masterpiece full of enticing sights and activities. The artificial sandy beach is packed in summer; there is a horse-riding enclosure (₺…