Turkish in Eski Foçu


This popular meyhane (tavern) and şarap evi (wine house) is hidden behind a stone wall in the old town, but the giveaway is the loud music and the clink of cutlery. Diners enjoy classic Turkish cuisine at reasonable…
Ice Cream in Eski Foçu

Nazmi Usta Girit Dondurmaları

Ice cream and the seaside go together like Fred and Ginger or Posh and Becks, and this is the best place in Foça to order a cone. Nazmi Usta is an acclaimed dondurma (ice cream) maker, and his fruit and nut flavours…
Turkish in Eski Foçu

Fokai Restaurant

With an elevated terrace and streetside tables overlooking the Büyük Deniz, Fokai has the best location in town. Sadly, every stray cat in Foça agrees, and diners are literally besieged by feline intruders wanting a…
Köfte in Eski Foçu

Harika Köfte Evi

In addition to four types of köfte (meatballs) – reputedly the best in town – the ‘Wonderful Köfte House’ serves various types of çorba (soup) and tavuk şiş (roast skewered chicken kebap).
Seafood in Eski Foçu

Foça Restaurant

Highly recommended by locals, this seafood restaurant enjoys a prominent position on the quay just opposite the sanctuary of Cybele. The mezes are particularly good.
Turkish in Eski Foçu

Çarşı Lokantası

This lokanta is a great lunch choice. Make your choice of meat, vegetable and rice dishes from the bain-marie (the friendly Mesut and Fatoş will help).