Top Choice Kebap in Erzurum

Emirşeyh Nedim

Erzurum's choice meat-eating experience is a lovely two-storey building with carved stone pillars and beautifully painted recessed ceilings. With very good food and efficient, friendly service, it's popular with eve…
Anatolian in Erzurum

Erzurum Evleri

This cluster of three-centuries-old houses has been restored as an atmospheric restaurant-cafe. A warren of small rooms and alcoves are set with cushions at low tables; a couple of larger rooms have chairs and regul…
Turkish in Erzurum

Güzelyurt Restaurant

Erzurum's smartest restaurant, operating since 1928, is quaintly anachronistic, with shrouded windows and bow-tied waiters creating an old-fashioned charm. It's licensed, and a good place to splurge on a fine meal, …
Kebap in Erzurum

Çagin Caǧ Kebap Lokanta

A friendly place with bright, modern decor, specialising in local favourite caǧ kebap (mutton grilled on a horizontal spit). You can either use a fork to eat the wood-fired morsels or follow the lead of the locals a…
Cafe in Erzurum


The tantalising display of treats glitters like a jewellery store in this slick pastry shop and ice-cream parlour that also has multiple coffee options. If you can resist the squishy fıstıklı (pistachio) baklavas, y…
Kebap in Erzurum

Gel-Gör Cağ Kebabı

This Erzurum favourite specialises in cağ kebap (mutton grilled on a horizontal spit) served with small plates of salad, yoghurt and spicy relish. Eat the tender meat chunks with a fork, or do as the locals do and c…
Cafe in Erzurum


Arzen attracts baklava-holics like bees to a honey pot. The coffee machine pours espresso drinks and the floor-to-ceiling windows on the top floor overlook Yakutiye Medrese. Good ice cream, too.
Kebap in Erzurum


Brisk and good value, this two-floor main-street eatery doles out filling and well-executed pide (Turkish-style pizza) and satisfying kebaps in polished surrounds, with zinc water jugs and waiters sporting ties and …
Kebap in Erzurum

Salon Asya

Asya keeps a clientele ranging from students to police officers happy with Turkish classics in bright surroundings.