Arts & Crafts in Tire

Tire Keçecilik

On the street up on the left after the Leyse Camii, Tire Keçecilik sells quirky and beautiful felt clothing, footwear, blankets and souvenirs – affordable ways to own a piece of Turkish patterning without buying a c…
Food & Drinks in Eski Datça

Olive Farm Mill Store

Set amidst seemingly endless olive groves, this farm shop offers tastings of its olives and first-press oil, jams and vinegars distilled from anything you can think of – fig, orange, carob etc. It does an excellent …
Food & Drinks in Datça

Özlü Datça

Datça's three main products – almonds, honey and olive oil – are sold here in copious quantities.
Market in Bodrum Town

Bodrum Market

This dumpy white building hosts Bodrum's Tuesday clothes market, a treasure trove of fake T-shirts, textiles, watches and Atatürk paraphernalia, as well as the Friday fruit and veg market.