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Turkish Airlines connects İstanbul Atatürk Airport with Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport.

Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport

Travelling to Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport, 66km west of Eğirdir, catch a dolmuş from Eğirdir to Isparta (₺5, 30 minutes). Get off at Migros supermarket in Isparta and either take a taxi from across the road (₺20, 30 minutes) or the free shuttle from outside Isparta belediye (town hall) or köy garaj (village otogar) to the airport (30 minutes).

Accommodations can organise airport transfers to Eğirdir (from ₺130).


A few buses per day (more in summer) run to the following:

Antalya ₺25, three hours

Aydın (for Selçuk) ₺45, six hours

Denizli (for Pamukkale) ₺35, 3½ hours

İstanbul ₺72, 10 hours

İzmir ₺52, eight hours

Buy tickets at least a day in advance, especially over summer weekends. Kamil Koç and Isparta Petrol offices at Eğirdir otogar also sell tickets for other bus companies.

Kamil Koç runs some direct services to Göreme in Cappadocia (₺60, eight hours), but you'll have more options if you connect through Konya (₺40, four hours); if you leave Eğirdir early, you can spend a few hours sightseeing in Konya before continuing to Cappadocia.

The frequency of long-haul buses is greater from nearby Isparta, accessible by frequent buses and dolmuşes (₺5, 30 minutes) or taxi (₺100). In Isparta, intercity buses terminate at the main otogar and services from local destinations such as Eğirdir at the köy garaj, 5km away on the other side of the city centre. Servises connect the two.