Discount Cards

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism offers various discount cards covering museums and sights. Visit for more information.

Museum Pass: İstanbul The five-day card (₺85) offers a possible ₺165 saving on entry to the city's major sights, including Aya Sofya, and allows holders to skip admission queues.

Museum Pass: Cappadocia The three-day card (₺45) covers the major sights including Göreme Open-Air Museum, offering a possible ₺98 saving.

Museum Pass: The Aegean The seven-day card (₺75) covers 31 museums and sights from İzmir to Muğla, including Ephesus and Pergamum. Note that it doesn't include Hierapolis and the travertines at Pamukkale.

Museum Pass: The Mediterranean The seven-day card (₺60) covers 27 museums and sights from the Turquoise Coast east to Adana, including the Lycian sites on the Teke Peninsula.

Museum Pass: Turkey The 15-day card (₺185) covers some 300 museums and sights nationwide, from Topkapı Palace to Ani.

İstanbulkart The rechargeable travel card offers savings on İstanbul's public transport.

The following offer discounts on accommodation, eating, entertainment, transport and tours. They are available in Turkey but easier to get in your home country.

International Student Identity Card (

International Youth Travel Card (

International Teacher Identity Card (