Yeşilada has no real beaches, although there's nothing to stop you swimming off the rocks around the island.

Beaches & Boat Trips

From the peninsula's northern shore by the castle to its tip at Yeşilada, you'll find several relaxing small beaches, many with food stalls and çay ocakları (tea stoves). Out of town, at Yazla (less than 1km down the Isparta road) lies sandy Belediye Beach. Several kilometres further north is pebbly Altınkum Beach. In summer dolmuşes run every 15 minutes (₺2) from the otogar (bus station). Taxis cost around ₺15. Further north again, 11km towards Barla, is long, sandy Bedre Beach. Cycle or catch a taxi (₺30). Eğirdir Outdoor Centre offers mountain-bike rental.

Some of Eğirdir's best swimming spots are accessible only by boat trips, which also allow you to relax, try some fishing, and generally bliss out on the lake's breezy blue waters and in its verdant lagoons.

Boat trips, which run from 15 June to 15 September, have traditionally provided a second income for fishers and pension owners. Arrange a trip through your pension or Eğirdir Outdoor Centre, which charges ₺75 per person for a six-hour excursion. The trip involves visiting hidden coves, swimming, sunbathing, a barbecue lunch of freshly caught fish, and you'll gain an insight into a local fisher's life.

Fishing trips (per person ₺25) can also be booked through the Eğirdir Outdoor Centre. Count on an early start (between 5am and 7am), two to three hours on the water, and a hands-on, sunrise experience helping a local fisher haul in the nets. It can be chilly on the lake so wrap up warmly. Fishing trips are not offered from March 15 to June 15, to allow the lake's fish to breed.