Mosque in Eğirdir

Hızır Bey Cami

Originally a Seljuk warehouse (built 1237), this simple stone structure in the centre became a mosque in 1308 under Hamidoğulları emir Hızır Bey. It features a clerestory (an upper row of windows) above the...

Market in Eğirdir

Pınar Pazarı

On Sundays between August and October, you can buy apples, cheese, yoghurt or even a goat at this village market run by the Yörük Turks, who descend from their mountain redoubts to hawk their wares and stock up...

Beach in Eğirdir

Bedre Beach

To sunbathe on a sandy beach, head 11km out of the centre on the road from Eğirdir to Barla. Bedre Beach is best, with 1.5km of sand. You can walk or cycle here, or get a taxi (around ₺30).

Church in Eğirdir

Ayastafanos Church

Eğirdir's last remaining Orthodox church is on Yeşilada, near İskele Park. Thirteen other churches were torn down after the Greek community departed in the 1923 population exchange. The 12th-century Byzantine...

Historic Building in Eğirdir

Dündar Bey Medresesi

In 1281 Hamidoğulları emir Felekeddin Dündar Bey turned this grand stone structure in the centre – then a 67-year-old Seljuk caravanserai – into a medrese (seminary). The small on-site bazaar sells Galatasaray...

Beach in Eğirdir

Altınkum Beach

Pebbly Altınkum Beach is 3.5km northwest of central Eğirdir. There's a small admission fee. It's not a particularly pretty beach. In high summer, dolmuşes run here every 15 minutes from in front of Eğirdir's...

Castle in Eğirdir

Eǧirdir Castle

The massive walls of the ruined castle of Akrotiri (the Byzantine name for Eğirdir) allegedly dates back to 5th-century BC Lydian king Croesus.

Beach in Eğirdir

Belediye Beach

Sandy Belediye Beach is at Yazla, less than 1km from Eǧirdir centre on the Isparta road. There are changing cabins and simple restaurants.

Statue in Eğirdir

Atatürk Statue

Eğirdir stretches for several kilometres along the shore of Eğirdir Gölü. Its centre is at the base of a promontory jutting into the lake, marked by this statue of Atatürk.