Turkish in Diyarbakır

Şafak Kahvaltı & Yemek Salonu

Nosh on freshly prepared meat dishes, hearty casseroles and stuffed vegetables in this brisk Diyarbakır institution. It also does superb crisp wood-fired pide and is open around the clock if you arrive on a late bus…
Turkish in Diyarbakır

Selim Amca'nın Sofra Salonu

This bright eatery outside the city walls is famous for its kaburga dolması (lamb stuffed with rice and almonds). Round it off with a devilish İrmik helvası (a gooey dessert).
Turkish in Diyarbakır

Çarşi Konağı

This restored 450-year old house conceals a leafy courtyard and poignant reminders of its former Jewish owners. (Look for the carved Star of David in the wooden ceiling). Kebaps, grilled fish and salads are on offer…