Top Choice Fortress in Diyarbakır

City Walls & Gates

Diyarbakır's single most conspicuous feature is its great circuit of basalt walls, probably dating from Roman times, although the present walls, around 6km in total length, date from early Byzantine times (AD 330–50…
Top Choice Cultural Centre in Diyarbakır

Dengbêj Evi

The Dengbêj Evi (House of Dengbêj) showcases the Kurdish tradition of Dengbêj, storytelling by song. Kurdish elders gather together in informal groups and take turns to sing and chant in an ethereal and mesmerising …
Church in Diyarbakır

Keldani Kilisesi

The population of Diyarbakır once included many Christians, mainly Armenians and Chaldeans, but most of them were pushed out or perished during the troubles in the early 20th century or, more recently, with the Hezb…
Museum in Diyarbakır

Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum

The poet Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı (1910–56) was born in this two-storey black basalt house built in 1820 in a side street about 50m north of the Ulu Cami. It now houses the Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum exhibiting the poet'…
Church in Diyarbakır

Meryem Ana Kilisesi

Still used by Syrian Orthodox Christians, this church is beautifully maintained, although only about three families still attend services. Local kids will show you the way.
Architecture in Diyarbakır

İç Kale

Diyarbakýr's single most conspicuous feature is its great circuit of basalt walls, probably dating from Roman times, although the present walls date from early Byzantine times (AD 330-500). At almost 6km in len…
Notable Building in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakır Houses

Predominantly owned by Armenian families, Diyarbakır houses were made of black basalt and decorated with stone stencilling. They were divided into summer and winter quarters. In the summer part the eyvan was a vault…
Tower in Diyarbakır

Yedi Kardeş Burcu

Fortunately, the most easily accessible stretch of walls is also the most interesting in terms of inscriptions and decoration. Start near the Mardin Kapısı close to the Deliller Han, a stone caravanserai…
Historic Building in Diyarbakır

Gazi Köşkü

About 1km south of the Mardin Kapısı, the fine Gazi Köşkü is the sort of Diyarbakır house to which wealthier citizens would retire during summer. The house dates from the time of the 15th-century Akkoyunlu Turkoman …
Museum in Diyarbakır

Archaeology Museum

Diyarbakır's Archaeology Museum was closed at the time of writing, and scheduled to reopen in 2015 inside an old prison in İç Kale. Ask at the tourist office for an update. Before the move, the well-presented collec…