Demre attractions

Archaeological Site in Demre


If you only have time to see one striking honeycomb of Lycian rock tombs, choose the memorable ruins of ancient Myra. Located about 2km inland from Demre's main square, they are among the finest in Lycia. There's a …
Church in Demre

Church of St Nicholas

It may not be vast like Aya Sofya, or brilliant with mosaics like İstanbul's Chora Church (Kariye Museum), but Demre's Church of St Nicholas, where the eponymous saint was laid upon his death in AD 343, is nonethele…
Ruins in Demre


About 5km southwest of Demre's centre is the seafront settlement of Çayağzı, called Andriake by the Romans at a time when it was an important entrepôt for grain on the sea route between the eastern Mediterranean and…