Top Choice Seafood in Dalyan


Dalyan's long-established (since 1987) fish restaurant, Kordon has a riverside garden with a commanding position near where the excursion boats moor. Ichthyophobes can choose from a large selection of steaks and gri…
Cafe in Dalyan

Dalyan İz

This sweet garden cafe is hugely popular with Dalyan expats due to the ever-changing array of homemade baking and good filter coffee. It's also home to a shop selling interesting hand-painted ceramics and tiles, and…
Modern Turkish in Dalyan

Casa Nova

The former Dalyan La Vie has metamorphosed into the town's most appealing new restaurant, serving snacks and mains from nachos to noodles on its gorgeous riverside deck.
Pide in Dalyan


This cheap and cheerful pide (Turkish-style pizza) place is often packed with happy local customers. There are also kebaps and lokanta (ready-made) dishes in the bain-marie.
Pide in Dalyan

Metin Pide

This garden restaurant is popular locally for its pizza and pide (Turkish-style pizza), with all the classic toppings on offer, but the other dishes are not as good.
Turkish in Dalyan


With a breezy location right on the riverfront, this authentic eatery serves some of the most wholesome Turkish food in Dalyan. There's no menu; choose from the glass cabinet of homemade mezes (₺8 to ₺13) as well as…
Turkish in Dalyan

Dostlar Cafe

Attached to a honey shop, 'Friends' Cafe has a rustic feel with its chequered tablecloths. It does börek (filled pastry) and all-day kahvaltı (Turkish breakfast) as well as Dalyan's usual burgers and international s…
Cafe in Dalyan

Demet Pastanesi

A local fave for a sugar hit, Demet offers baklava, eclairs, gateaus, pastries and recommended chocolate desserts. It also produces fast food such as pizza, burgers and dönerli sandviç (döner kebap sandwich).
International in Dalyan

Mai Steakhouse

This relaxed restaurant, with a nifty blue-and-white decoration theme going on, whips up a decent steak, some Mediterranean flavours and a few other international dishes.