Top Choice Archaeological Site in Dalyan


Founded in the 9th century BC, Kaunos (or Caunus) was an important Carian city by 400 BC. On the border with Lycia, its culture reflected aspects of both empires.On the left as you enter, the theatre is well preserv…
Wildlife Reserve in Dalyan

Sea Turtle Research, Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre

At the southern end of İztuzu Beach is the headquarters of this turtle rescue centre, established in 2009 largely through the influence of June Haimoff (Kaptan June), whose reconstructed baraka (beach hut) now serve…
Beach in Dalyan

İztuzu Beach

An excellent swimming beach, İztuzu (Turtle) Beach is one of the Mediterranean nesting sites of the loggerhead turtle, and special rules to protect it are enforced. Although the beach is open to the public during th…
Tomb in Dalyan

Kings' Tombs

Dalyan's famous Lycian-style tombs are carved into cliffs across the Dalyan River, southwest of the centre. You can get good views of the house-like Carian tombs by walking south from town along Maraş Caddesi to the…
Statue in Dalyan

Sea Turtles Statue

Proudly proclaiming Dalyan's environmental credentials, this mother and her baby turtles swim among the circling traffic on a roundabout at the end of the main square.
Mosque in Dalyan

Main Mosque

Dalyan's mosque is a prominent landmark on the main square.