Top Choice Turkish in Cunda (Alibey Island)


We love everything about this welcoming and extremely chic eatery behind Taş Kahve at the liman (harbour). Owned by the Kürsat olive-oil mill, it offers a delicious seasonal menu featuring börek (filled pastry) stuf…
Top Choice Greek in Cunda (Alibey Island)

Lǎl Girit Mutfağı

Owner and chef Emine was taught to cook Girit (Cretan) dishes by her grandmother, and the results are simply inspired. Expect her to emerge from the kitchen to explain what's in the meze selection (there's always a …
Seafood in Cunda (Alibey Island)


Named after the papalina balıǧı, a popular local sprat (one portion ₺10), this old-fashioned place has a lovely position right next to the fishing boats at the western end of the pier and a cheery, bustling atmosphe…
Seafood in Cunda (Alibey Island)

Cunda Lezzet Diyarı

Even by Turkish standards, the fridge in this small blue-and-white restaurant is heaving with meze. Hot dishes include Aegean staples such as octopus casserole.