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Transport Options

Simay runs a shuttle-bus service between Çeşme and İzmir's Adnan Menderes Airport (€20 per passenger). Shuttles leave 10 times per day between 5am and midnight.


You'll need to change in İzmir if travelling between Çeşme and major destinations. Çeşme’s otogar is a kilometre south of Cumhuriyet Meydanı, and bus companies have offices there. Most dolmuşes leave from the otogar and stop at various points in town (look for the signs with a large 'D').


There are morning and evening services to İstanbul (10 hours) with Metro (₺80) and Ulusoy (₺80); in summer other companies offer additional services.


Çeşme Seyahat runs services every 15 to 40 minutes to both İzmir’s main otogar (₺17, 1¾ hours) and the city’s smaller Üçkuyular bus station (₺15, 1½ hours).


Metro offers two daily services to Ankara (₺70, nine hours).


Alaçatı & Altınyunus

Dolmuşeş to Alaçatı depart from the otogar every 10 minutes from 7.30am to 7.30pm, then every 30 minutes from 7.30pm to 9pm, and at 10pm and at 11pm. These also pick up passengers at a stop at the eastern end of İnkılap Caddesi (1015 Sokak) and travel via Altınyunus (₺3).


Dolmuşes to Altınkum leave half-hourly from Çeşme’s otogar, and pick up on the main street 20m south of the tourist office.


There are regular ferry services between Çeşme and the nearby Greek island of Chios (Sakız in Turkish). As timetables change every year, always check the relevant website.


Erturk, Ege Bırlık and Sunrise Tours all offer services to Chios in Greece; slow ferries (50 minutes) take both passengers and cars; fast catamarans (20 minutes) take passengers only. Same-day return fares hover around €26 on the slow ferry and €32 for the fast ferry and ticket prices include a €2 port tax. Cars cost around €100.

The ferries sail at least twice a day between July and September and three times per week from October to June (usually Wednesday or Friday, and Saturday and Sunday). It's not necessary to purchase your ticket in advance unless you have a car. You'll need a passport.


A taxi to Alaçatı costs around ₺50.