Top things to do

Ruins in Çavuşin

Çavuşin Old Village Ruins

Walk up the hill through the new part of Çavuşin and continue past the main square to find the old village ruins. Carved into the steep cliff face here is a labyrinthine complex of abandoned houses that you can wand…
Cafe in Çavuşin

Kavi Cafe

Right at the top of the trail on Çavuşin's old village ruins, just before St John the Baptist Church, you'll find this modest place with battered old sofas on a shaded, rickety terrace. The charming local family who…
Church in Çavuşin

Church of St John the Baptist

Right at the top of Çavuşin's village-ruins rock outcrop is the Church of St John the Baptist, one of the oldest churches in Cappadocia. While the interior frescoes are severely damaged and faded, the still-standing…
Church in Çavuşin

Çavuşin Kilisesi

Just off the highway on the northern edge of Çavuşin you'll find this church, accessed via a steep and rickety iron stairway. Cappadocia's first post-iconoclastic church, it served as a pigeon house for many years a…
Turkish in Çavuşin

Seyyah Han

Lots of meaty mains head up the menu here with the usual şiş kebap (roast skewered meat) suspects alongside dishes such as slow-cooked kuzu gerdan (lamb neck). The outdoor terrace is the place to be for sunset dinin…
Turkish in Çavuşin

Panorama Restaurant

This cheap and cheerful garden restaurant, near the trailhead into Rose Valley, is our favourite place to rest up at lunchtime after a morning hike. It also has simple pension-style rooms in the building behind.