Cappadocia shopping

Wine in Uçhisar

Kocabağ Winery Shop

This rather swish outlet for Cappadocia's Kocabağ Winery is the best place in town for a spot of wine tasting. Just outside, a small selection of vines displays the different grape varieties for interested connoisse…
Market in Kayseri

Kapalı Çarşı

Set at the intersection of age-old trade routes, Kayseri has long been an important commercial centre. Its Kapalı Çarşı was one of the largest bazaars built by the Ottomans. Restored in the 1870s and again in the 19…
Arts & Crafts in Uçhisar

Naile Art Gallery

Cappadocian artist Naile Bozkurt displays and sells her ebru (paper marbling) work in this gallery with a fine selection of both traditional and contemporary artworks, as well as her highly abstract, modern ebru wor…
Market in Kayseri


Adjoining Kayseri's vast Kapalı Çarşı is the bedesten (warehouse), built in 1497. It was first dedicated to the sale of textiles and a handful of carpet salesmen still hold on amid the stalls here.
Carpets in Göreme

Tribal Collections

As well as being the proprietor of this mighty fine rug shop, owner Ruth is well known for her highly recommended carpet educationals (think of it as a carpets 101), which explain the history and artistry of these c…
Ceramics in Göreme


A classy selection of handmade ceramics, both modern and traditionally inspired, with a lot of unusual pieces that you won't see at Cappadocia's other ceramic shops, as well as unusual stone pieces.
Mall in Kayseri

Kayseri Forum

Three floors of international and local brands, cafes, a cinema complex (with some Hollywood movies screened in their original English), a huge supermarket, and a very good food court.
Ceramics in Avanos

Le Palais du Urdu

Our favourite Avanos artisan haunt, this unique drum-making and pottery studio is just off the main square, to your right if you're facing the hill.
Market in Ürgüp

Ürgüp Market

Ürgüp's weekly market takes place every Saturday in the Migros supermarket car park. It's a hive of activity full of fresh local produce.
Market in Göreme

Göreme Market

Pick up fresh produce, locally made cheese and all sorts of other foodie delights at Göreme's weekly market.