Cafe in Uçhisar

Cafe Yıldız

This modest cafe, on Uçhisar's main square, has shaded terrace seating and chatty staff. It's a good spot for a simple, quick lunch. Their gözleme (savoury pancake) is particularly tasty as they add pul biber (Alepp…
Cafe in Çavuşin

Kavi Cafe

Right at the top of the trail on Çavuşin's old village ruins, just before St John the Baptist Church, you'll find this modest place with battered old sofas on a shaded, rickety terrace. The charming local family who…
Cafe in Uçhisar

Kapadokya Peri Cave

Follow the signs down into the valley, from the ridge in front of Uçhisar Castle, to find the sweetest cafe in town on a terrace right in front of a fairy chimney. Sit back on the battered old sofas with a tea or co…