• Religion Dress modestly and be quiet and respectful around mosques.
  • Hospitality Generous Turks take it seriously; you may receive a few invitations to dine or drink çay together.
  • Restaurants Generally, whoever extended the invitation to eat together picks up the bill.
  • Alcohol Bars are common, but public drinking and inebriation are less acceptable away from tourist towns.
  • Greetings Turks value respect; when meeting a group of people, shake hands with all, male and female.
  • Language Learn a few Turkish phrases; immeasurably helpful and appreciated by Turks.
  • Relationships Do not be overly tactile with your partner in public; beware miscommunications with locals.
  • Politics Be tactful; criticising Turkish nationalism can land you in prison.
  • Queues Turks can be pushy in public situations; be assertive.