Dangers & Annoyances

Most buses arriving in Cappadocia from the west terminate in Nevşehir, from where a free servis (shuttle bus) will ferry you to your final destination. Make sure that your ticket states that it is for Göreme, Ürgüp etc, not just 'Cappadocia'. Be aware that tour companies based at Nevşehir otogar (bus station) have a bad reputation for attempting to get tourists onto their private shuttle buses and then proceeding to hard-sell them tours and accommodation in Nevşehir. We suggest that you avoid any dealings with the tour agents here. The official bus-company servises usually meet your bus as it arrives and are clearly marked with the bus-company logo.

If you do find yourself without a servis or taxi and you have booked a hotel, it is worth phoning it for assistance; Nevşehir's otogar has long been problematic for travellers and the tourist industry in the rest of Cappadocia is well aware of it.

Walking in central Cappadocia's valleys is a wonderful experience and should not be missed, but solo travellers who do not want to hire a guide should buddy up before venturing into the more isolated areas as there have been several attacks on female tourists in the valleys in recent years. It's also advisable to avoid the valleys and the unlit roads between villages in the evenings.

That said, compared to many other popular traveller destinations across the world, Cappadocia remains an incredibly safe place for solo female travellers. As with any destination, common sense should prevail. Solo travellers should be wary of accepting invitations to go out into the valleys with new acquaintances and all hikers with mobile phones should program their hotel's number into it and take it while walking as a sensible precaution in case they get lost or have an accident.