Top Choice Historic Site in Göreme

Göreme Open-Air Museum

One of Turkey's Unesco World Heritage Sites, the Göreme Open-Air Museum is an essential stop on any Cappadocian itinerary and deserves a two-hour visit. First an important Byzantine monastic settlement that housed s…
Top Choice Museum in Kayseri

Museum of Seljuk Civilisation

This excellent museum is set in the restored Çifte Medrese, a 13th-century twin hospital and seminary built at the bequest of Seljuk sultan Keyhüsrev I and his sister Gevher Nesibe Sultan and thought to be one of th…
Top Choice Area in Ürgüp

Old Village

The back alleys of Ürgüp are home to many fine examples of the traditional stone architecture of this region, and are well worth a stroll.
Church in Göreme

El Nazar Kilise

Carved from a ubiquitous cone-like rock formation, the 10th-century El Nazar Kilise has been well restored with its snug interior a riot of colourful frescoes. To find it, take the signposted Zemi Valley trailhead o…
Church in Göreme

Karanlık Kilise

The stunning fresco-filled Karanlık Kilise, is the most famous of the Open-Air Museum's churches. It takes its name from the fact that it originally had very few windows. Luckily this lack of light preserved the viv…
Church in Göreme

Saklı Kilise

A yellow sign points the way off Müze Caddesi to the Saklı Kilise, only rediscovered in 1956. When you reach the top of the hill, follow the track to the left and look out for steps leading downhill to the right.
Museum in Ürgüp

Ürgüp Museum

The museum features some 10-million-year-old tusks from a forerunner of the elephant, unearthed at Mustafapaşa, but the overall collection is uninspiring.
Viewpoint in Ürgüp

Temenni Wishing Hill

Home to a saint's tomb and a cafe, this viewpoint has 360-degree views over Ürgüp.
Winery in Ürgüp

Turasan Winery

The abundant sunshine and fertile volcanic soil of Cappadocia produce delicious sweet grapes, and several wineries carry on the Ottoman Greek winemaking tradition. You can sample some of the local produce here.
Outdoors in Around Avanos

Devrent Valley

Look: it's a camel! Nicknamed 'Imagination Valley' locally, Devrent Valley's rock formations are some of the best formed and most thickly clustered in Cappadocia, and looking at their fantastic shapes is like gazing…