Notable Building in Bursa

Atatürk House

Atatürk House (1895) commemorates the great leader in a pine-scented garden setting. The restored structure contains mostly original furnishings from when Atatürk stayed here in the 1920s and 1930s. It's across the …
Mosque in Bursa

Emir Sultan Camii

An early Ottoman mosque, the 14th-century Emir Sultan Camii was named for Sultan Bayezit I's son-in-law and adviser, a Persian scholar-dervish. Today's structure reflects renovations made after an earthquake in 1766…
Museum in Bursa

Hüsnü Züber Evi

Knock to gain entry to this restored 19th-century Ottoman house, located uphill behind Sultan Murat II Hamamı. The collection inside includes ornate musical instruments and intricately carved and painted Anatolian w…
Museum in Bursa

Ottoman House Museum

This restored 17th-century house has a beautiful exterior and a few Ottoman dioramas inside.
Tomb in Bursa

Sarcophagus of Murat I

Sultan Murat I (r 1359–89), most famous for the Battle of Kosovo that claimed his life, is interred in this huge sarcophagus opposite Hudavendigar Mosque. Murat's remains were brought from Kosovo by his son, Bayezit…
Museum in Bursa

Tofaş Museum of Anatolian Carriages

Old cars and horse-drawn carts are housed in this former silk factory with gardens. It's a 550m walk uphill, signposted right after the Setbaşı road bridge.
Religious Site in Bursa

Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan

In a little park are the Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan, founders of the Ottoman Empire. The original structures were destroyed in the earthquake of 1855 and rebuilt in Ottoman baroque style by Sultan Abdül Aziz i…
Museum in Bursa

Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum

Housed in the former medrese of Yeşil Camii, this museum contains 14th- to 16th-century İznik ceramics, mihrab curtains, jewellery, embroidery, calligraphy, dervish artefacts and Karagöz puppets.
Mosque in Bursa

Ulu Camii

This enormous Seljuk-style shrine (1399) is Bursa's most dominant and durable mosque. Sultan Beyazıt I built it in a monumental compromise – having pledged to build 20 mosques after defeating the Crusaders in the Ba…
Museum in Bursa

Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes & Jewellery

Originally the Sair Ahmet Paşa medrese (seminary; 1475), this museum exhibits around 70 costumes and more than 350 different pieces of jewellery.