Food & Wine in Bozcaada

Çamlıbağ Saraplari

The first Turkish-owned winery to be founded on the island (in 1925), Yunatcılar markets its wines under the Çamlıbağ label. Its quaffable vintages of local varietals, including Kuntra and Karalahna, can be tasted a…
Handicrafts in Bozcaada

Yöresel Ürünler

The name means 'Local Products' and that is exactly what this red-and-white store on the main square sells. It has wine, organic jams, clothes and handicrafts made on the island.
Food & Drinks in Bozcaada

Bozcaadalı Veli Dede

Stylish produce shop selling local specialities including jams, olive oil, preserves, juices and kurabiye (sweet biscuits).
Wine in Bozcaada


The island's best-known winery has a retail outlet just off Cumhuriyet Caddesi in Merkez.
Wine in Bozcaada


There are no tastings at the Talay showroom, alas, but it's possible to purchase bottles of wine. If the store isn't open, ring the bell at its şarapçılık (wine cellar) opposite – there's a barrel in the street betw…