Cafe in Bozcaada

Çiçek Pastanesi

Its location in a pretty square near the Alaybey Mosque is only one of the attractions of this friendly cafe and bakery, which was established in 1959. There are indoor tables, but the choice seating is outside unde…
Seafood in Bozcaada


Our favourite of the fish restaurants by the liman (harbour), blue-and-white Boruzan offers a wide range of mezes made with produce from the restaurant’s own vegetable patch, as well as simple seafood dishes such as…
Cafe in Bozcaada

Cafe at Lisa’s

Australian Lisa Lay opened this casual cafe in an old bakery near the iskele two decades ago, and has built a loyal clientele of expats and island visitors since this time. The limited menu includes cake, toasted sa…
Turkish in Bozcaada

Cabalı Meyhane

A premium location right on the water in the shadow of Bozcaada Castle gives this eatery an edge over the competition, but it's the party atmosphere and excellent Greek-style seafood and mezes that are the major dra…
Cafe in Bozcaada

Ada Café

Melih and Semra have presided over this popular cafe on the main square since 1994. They serve wholesome, home-style dishes including a crispy house börek (filled pastry) and yoghurt-laden mantı (Turkish ravioli). I…
Seafood in Bozcaada


‘Phosphorescence’ lights the way with its massive meze trays groaning under the weight of things fishy, olive oily and yoghurty. There's a good local wine list and helpful staff.