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Getting There & Away

To get to Boğazkale by public transport, you'll need to go via Sungurlu. From Sungurlu otogar your bus should provide a servis to the Boğazkale dolmuş stand, 1km from the otogar near the football stadium and park. From Sungurlu there are five dolmuşes daily (₺5) Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 5.30pm. Taking a taxi may be your only resort at the weekend. The going rate is ₺50. Be aware that some taxi drivers at Sungurlu otogar will try to insist on using their meter for the journey (resulting in a fare of over ₺150). If you are having problems, ring your hotel in Boğazkale.

Travellers coming from Cappadocia should note that there are no dolmuşes between Boğazkale and Yozgat, 41km southeast. You're better off going via Sungurlu.