Top Choice Seafood in Sinop

Okyanus Balık Evi

Possibly the best fish restaurant on the Black Sea coast, the 'Ocean Fish House' is run by Mert Kanal, whose grandfather founded the fishmonger on the ground floor. Expect fresher than fresh and only in season, plus…
Top Choice Seafood in Samsun

Pamuk Kardeşler Balık Restaurant

A trinity of seafood restaurants line the marina near the cable car in Batıpark and this licensed one is far and away the best. Try the hamsi sis (barbecued anchovy), followed by the barbun (red mullet). Reach it on…
Top Choice Seafood in Amasra

Mustafa Amca'nin Yeri

In situ here since 1945, 'Uncle Mustafa's Place' is unmissable – a pebble-and-timber 'chalet' facade giving way to a marine theme, complete with squawking parrot, within. Locals recommend it for its excellent canlı …
Seafood in Giresun

Çakır Balık Evi

The open-fronted fishmonger downstairs is a good indication of the fresh fare you'll eat at this 1st-floor seafood restaurant. Just point to what you want, have it kızarmış or izgara (fried or grilled) with abundant…
Seafood in Ordu

Grand Mıdı Restaurant

On its own 60m pier striking out from the boulevard, this wooden seafood restaurant-on-the-waves is as atmospheric as any place in Ordu to take your evening meal. Naturally the seafood is recommended: try the balık …
Seafood in Ünye

Kaptan Balıkçılık

Hidden in the market, next to a fishmonger, is this excellent budget fish eatery, a gleaming white contrast to the bustle outside. Try the karides güvec (prawn stew, ₺15), or the balik ekmek (fish sandwich, ₺5).
Seafood in Amasra to Sinop

İne Balık & Et

Seafood restaurant in İnebolu beloved by The New York Times for its fish soup and dishes made with local hamsi (anchovy) and sarıkanat (small bluefish).
Seafood in Amasra to Sinop

Güllüsu Aile Balık Lokantası

With lovely wooden windows looking out to the Black Sea, this excellent seafood restaurant is worth timing a stop for if you're driving from Amasra to Sinop.
Seafood in Amasra to Sinop

Günbatımı Balık Restaurant

Eat on the balcony looking down on the lovely wooded cove of Gideros at this very pleasant fish restaurant.
Seafood in Amasra

Balıkçının Yeri

An inviting open facade trimmed with world-flag bunting makes 'Fisherman's Place' stand out from a row of cheaper seafood restaurants lining the northern edge of Büyük Liman. Barbun (red mullet), levrek (sea bass) a…