Top Choice Historic Building in Sinop

Tarihi Sinop Cezaevi

The cells, empty corridors, exercise yards and children's reform school of this hulking former prison within the fortress are haunting and unforgettable. Founded in 1887, it 'did time' as a prison until 1997, when i…
Top Choice Mosque in Trabzon

Aya Sofya Mosque & Museum

Originally called Hagia Sophia (Church of Divine Wisdom), Aya Sofya sits 4km west of Trabzon's centre on a terrace close to the sea. Built between 1238 and 1263, it was influenced by Georgian and Seljuk design, alth…
Monastery in Black Sea Coast

Sumela Monastery

The Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Virgin Mary, better known as Sumela Monastery, is one of the Black Sea's highlights. It has been shut for restoration though since 2015. Check the latest information in Trabzon; o…
Fortress in Sinop

Sinop Fortress

Open to attack from the sea, Sinop was first fortified by the Hittites around 2000 BC. The existing walls are additions made by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans to those erected in 72 BC by Pontic king M…
Castle in Amasra

Amasra Castle

A mixed Roman/Byzantine/Genoese effort, Amasra's citadel occupies the two districts straddling the promontory that commands access to the harbour: Boztepe and Zindan. Reached through three massive gateways from Küçü…
Archaeological Site in Samsun

Amisos Antik Kenti

The Amisos treasure in Samsun's Archaeology and Ethnography Museum was found at this hilltop site in 1995. The south tumulus has a rock-hewn tomb with two chambers; the north one contains a tomb with three linked ch…
Museum in Sinop

Sinop Archaeological Museum

Highlights of this excellent museum include the fabulous Meydankapı mosaic from the 4th century AD, depicting the four seasons and seven muses; a marble statue of lions savaging a deer from the 4th century BC; vario…
Museum in Samsun

Archaeology & Ethnography Museum

The most striking item in this museum is the huge Romano-Byzantine mosaic found at nearby Kara Samsun (Amisos). It depicts Thetis and Achilles from the Trojan War and the four seasons alongside sea monsters and nymp…
Tomb in Ünye

Tozkoparan Rock Tomb

This ancient cave tomb, one of a few in the area, is off the D010 coastal road 5km east of the town centre. Carved bull figures flank the entrance to the tomb, which is thought to date to between 7000 BC and 5000 BC…
Street in Ünye

Bakırcılar Sokak

Just near Orta Camii (Middle Mosque), this street of bygone times is home to a handful of coppersmiths, including Bizim Bakırcı, who still hammer and shape items for the home, as their forebears did for centuries.