Top Choice Pide in Bergama (Pergamum)


Located on a busy corner, this ultrafriendly pidecı (pide place) is probably the most popular eatery in town, The pides (Turkish-style pizzas) are excellent – try the unusual biberli maydanozlu (green pepper and par…
Turkish in Bergama (Pergamum)

Bergama Sofrası

One of a number of lokantas (eateries serving ready-made food) that can be found on the town's main drag, Bergama Sofrası has indoor and outdoor seating, clean surfaces and an open kitchen under bright lights. The s…
Turkish in Bergama (Pergamum)


The only fine-dining establishment in Bergama, this restaurant serves refined Turkish dishes in its elegant dining room and atmospheric courtyard garden. Desserts are particularly good – the ice cream–filled profite…
Pide in Bergama (Pergamum)


Kervan is popular among locals for its cheap and tasty dishes. The menu features a good range of kebaps, pide, çorba (soup) and, for dessert, künefe (syrup-soaked dough and sweet cheese sprinkled with pistachios).
Turkish in Bergama (Pergamum)

Sarmaşık Lokantası

One of the more dependable local restaurants on the main street, the ‘Ivy’ has a heavy rotation of ready-made stews, soups and rice dishes.
Pide in Bergama (Pergamum)

Paksoy Pide

Pint-sized Paksoy is clean, but is most definitely outclassed in the pide and friendliness stakes by nearby Arzu.