Top things to do

Ruins in Behramkale & Assos

Temple of Athena

Built in 540 BC on top of an 238m-high hill overlooking the Gulf of Edremit, this temple with its squat Doric columns has undergone a reconstruction that hurts more than helps. However, the setting with its view out…
Ruins in Behramkale & Assos


A heavily restored theatre and the remains of the ancient city walls can be seen below the agora; the theatre is accessed via a gate on the winding road leading down to the harbour. The surrounding fields are scatte…
Mosque in Behramkale & Assos

Hüdavendigâr Mosque

Next to the entrance to the Temple of Athena, this poorly maintained 14th-century mosque is a simple structure – a dome on squinches set on top of a square room – that was constructed with materials from a 6th-centu…
Seafood in Behramkale & Assos

Uzun Ev

The ‘Long House’ is the pick of the seafront restaurants and garners the most lively crowd, especially on weekends in high season. Blue wooden chairs line the terrace, while inside it feels like a warm Turkish pub. …
Tea Garden in Behramkale & Assos

Aile Çay Bahçesi

For a coffee or Coke on the main square in the upper village, this place has a pleasant shaded terrace offering attractive views and good company.
Turkish in Behramkale & Assos

Assos Köyüm Restaurant

Serving mantı (Turkish ravioli), avcı boreğı (‘hunter’s börek’; pastry filled with meat or cheese) and a good range of meze, this restaurant has a lovely terrace overlooking the main square and great views to the se…