Bay of Edremit attractions

Archaeological Site in Bay of Edremit


Located on the coastal slope of Mt Ida, the Greek city of Antandros was established in the 7th century BC and was famous for its dockyards and harbours. The city lost its strategic importance over the centuries and …
Museum in Bay of Edremit

Adatepe Olive-Oil Museum

Housed in an old olive-oil factory, this unassuming but interesting museum explains the process of making olive oil and illustrates the product's many uses. There's a cafe downstairs, as well as an excellent shop se…
Museum in Bay of Edremit

Alibey Kudar Etnografya Galerisi

The jumble of objects at this privately operated museum below the village of Tahtakuşlar provides an insight into the history of the local Turkmen population – many Alevi – whose descendants moved to this part of Tu…