Bana & Penek attractions

Cathedral in Bana & Penek

Bana Cathedral

The awesome 7th-century Armenian Bana Cathedral stands on a hillock 2.5km from Penek village amid bright green grasslands, with the surrounding mountains forming a fantastic backdrop. The building's ruined state mak…
Castle in Bana & Penek

Kizkalesi & Erkek Kalesi

The two medieval castles of Kizkalesi and Erkek Kalesi, visible from the D060 north of Yolboyu village, were evidently a pair (their names mean Girl Castle and Boy Castle), designed to command a valley where two riv…
Castle in Bana & Penek

Oltu Kalesi

The startling citadel of Oltu Kalesi, thought to have been originally built by Urartus around 1000 BC, rises above the centre of peaceful Oltu town. It has been closed for restoration but it's worth checking if it h…