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Top Choice Historic Site in Ayvalık

Old Town

Ayvalık’s old town is a joy to explore. A maze of cobbled streets east of the liman, it is full of market squares, atmospheric cafes, Greek Orthodox churches and pretty stone houses built by Greek residents during t…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Ayvalık


A social enterprise helping unemployed women earn a living by creating fashionable items from throwaway materials, the 'Garbage Lady' saves at least six tons of waste from going to landfill annually, and sells over …
Top Choice Cafe in Ayvalık

Şeytan Kahvesı

One of the town's best-loved and most historic cafes, Şeytan Kahvesi (the Devil’s Coffeehouse) was named after the current owner’s grandfather, who certainly had an interesting name to live up to. Its streetside ter…
Fast Food in Ayvalık

Avşar Büfe

It ain't haute cuisine (far from it), but the Ayvalık tost (Ayvalık 'toast') is famous throughout Turkey, and this is one of the many local places where you can sample it.
Sweets in Ayvalık

Hatipoğlu Pastaneleri

With a great selection of traditional Turkish pastries and cakes, this friendly patisserie on the main street makes a terrific mid-morning or -afternoon stop. Try the local speciality of lok (sponge oozing honey) an…
Pub in Ayvalık

White Knight Café

This pub-cafe behind the Atatürk statue is a mellow place for a libation, except when major football matches are shown. It's popular with Ayvalık’s small expat community.
Seafood in Ayvalık

Deniz Yıldızı Restorant

Its food won't win any culinary awards, but this stylish indoor-outdoor affair right on the waterfront does command great views of Cunda’s twinkling lights.
Church in Ayvalık

Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum

This erstwhile Greek Orthodox cathedral, built in 1844 but never used as a place of worship, was completely renovated in 2013 and positively shimmers in the noonday sun. Note the catedra (bishop’s seat) decorated wi…
Mosque in Ayvalık

Çınarlı Cami

Built in 1790 as the Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Yorgis and converted to a mosque in 1923, this lovely building has three naves and three apses and retains the soaring stone iconostasis that once separated the na…
Mosque in Ayvalık

Saatlı Camii

Originally built as the Ayios Yannis Kilise, this imposing stone building with its ugly freestanding minaret was converted into the Saatli Cami in 1923.