Cafe in Ayvalık


Named after its English-speaking owner Pinar (Pino to her friends), this friendly cafe in an old stone house opened in 2016 and is a good choice for a coffee or light lunch. There's banquette seating inside and a fe…
Cafe in Ayvalık

Café Caramel

This eccentrically decorated and very popular cafe in the old town offers a nostalgic jazz soundtrack, extensive dessert menu (cakes, soufflés, tiramisu), homemade soda and savoury snacks including böreks (filled pa…
Fast Food in Ayvalık

Avşar Büfe

It ain't haute cuisine (far from it), but the Ayvalık tost (Ayvalık 'toast') is famous throughout Turkey, and this is one of the many local places where you can sample it.