Cafe in Ayvalık


Named after its English-speaking owner Pinar (Pino to her friends), this friendly cafe in an old stone house opened in 2016 and is a good choice for a coffee or light lunch. There's banquette seating inside and a fe…
Turkish in Ayvalık

Elvanı Mutfağı

Local women work the stoves at this simple mutfak (kitchen) in the old town. Simple choices such as menemen (scrambled eggs with peppers and tomatoes) and a range of daily dishes in the bain-marie feed a predominant…
Sweets in Ayvalık

Hatipoğlu Pastaneleri

With a great selection of traditional Turkish pastries and cakes, this friendly patisserie on the main street makes a terrific mid-morning or -afternoon stop. Try the local speciality of lok (sponge oozing honey) an…
Cafe in Ayvalık

Café Caramel

This eccentrically decorated and very popular cafe in the old town offers a nostalgic jazz soundtrack, extensive dessert menu (cakes, soufflés, tiramisu), homemade soda and savoury snacks including böreks (filled pa…
Fast Food in Ayvalık

Avşar Büfe

It ain't haute cuisine (far from it), but the Ayvalık tost (Ayvalık 'toast') is famous throughout Turkey, and this is one of the many local places where you can sample it.
Seafood in Ayvalık

Deniz Yıldızı Restorant

Its food won't win any culinary awards, but this stylish indoor-outdoor affair right on the waterfront does command great views of Cunda’s twinkling lights.
Bakery in Ayvalık

Karamanlar Unlu Mamülleri

Established in 1903, this bakery in the Macaron quarter of the Old Town has hardly changed over the century.