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Top Choice Anatolian in Avanos

Hanım Eli

This modest diner serves wholesome local dishes packed full of fresh, local flavour. This is home-style cooking executed brilliantly and without any pretentious flourish. The mantı (Turkish ravioli) we had here was …
Museum in Avanos

Güray Ceramic Museum

This rather snazzy museum sits in a mammoth series of newly tunnelled-out caves underneath the Güray Ceramic showroom. It displays its private collection of ceramic art amassed over the years, with the ancient ceram…
Museum in Avanos

Chez Galip Hair Museum

This pottery gallery, in the alley opposite the post office, is home to Cappadocia's infamous hair museum. Yes, that's right: it's a museum dedicated to locks of hair that past female visitors have left here for pos…
Kebap in Avanos

Dayının Yeri

Locals grumble that it's not as cheap as it used to be, but this modern grill restaurant is one of Cappadocia's best. Steer clear of the meze and it's still decent value, too. Don't leave without sampling the künefe…
Kebap in Avanos

Kapadokya Urfa Sofrası

Our pick of Avanos' multitude of kebap joints is this welcoming place right near the main square with cheerful service and excellent-value meals. Looking for a cheap, tasty lunch? We recommend ordering a couple of l…
International in Avanos

Bizim Ev

The cave wine cellar could easily tempt you into a few lost hours, but if you can make it upstairs the terrace is the place for atmospheric dining. Service is sleekly unobtrusive and the menu ranges from steaks to k…
Market in Avanos

Avanos Market

Avanos market is the best, and biggest, local produce market in the region. It's held every Friday on the south bank of the Kızılırmak River, near Taş Köprü bridge.
Ceramics in Avanos

Le Palais du Urdu

Our favourite Avanos artisan haunt, this unique drum-making and pottery studio is just off the main square, to your right if you're facing the hill.
Anatolian in Avanos

Avanos Kadın Girişimciler Koop Restaurant

Want to sample içli köfte (ground lamb and onion with a bulgur coating, often served as a hot meze) the way a Turkish mamma does it? The industrious women of Avanos have got together to offer a taste of home cooking…