Top things to do in Around Safranbolu

Monument in Around Safranbolu

İncekaya Aqueduct

Originally built in Byzantine times but restored in the 1790s by İzzet Mehmet Paşa, İncekaya ('thin rock') Aqueduct is just over 7km north of Safranbolu. You are no longer allowed to walk across it due to safety con…
Cave in Around Safranbolu

Bulak Mencilis Cave

Deep in the Gürleyik hills 10km northwest of Safranbolu, the impressive Bulak Mencilis Mağarası cave network opened to the public over a decade ago, although troglodytes may have lived here many millennia before tha…
Canyon in Around Safranbolu

Tokatlı Canyon

The pretty Tokatlı Canyon is prime picnicking territory for Turkish families in summer, with a wooden walkway meandering down into the shady canyon depths where a small waterfall provides cool relief from the heat. …
Historic Building in Yörük Köyü

Sipahioğlu Konağı Gezi Evi

Sipahioğlu Konağı Gezi Evi is one of the village's enormous Ottoman houses. The builder's warring sons divided the mansion in two, and you tour the selamlık and haremlik separately.
Anatolian in Yörük Köyü

Yörük Sofrası

Serves traditional Anatolian dishes, ayran (yoghurt drink), baklava and gözleme (savoury pancakes) at indoor and outdoor tables.
Viewpoint in Around Safranbolu

Crystal Terrace

This cliff-top cafe with a glass platform suspended from the cliff edge, 80m above the Tokatlı Canyon, is a favourite with tourist groups. Be aware that there's no view of İncekaya Aqueduct from the platform. The te…