Top things to do

Mosque in Battalgazi

Ulu Camii

Osman Ateş Caddesi heads south from the main square; 400m past the Silahtar Mustafa Paşa Hanı, turn left to the 13th-century Ulu Camii. This finely restored Seljuk mosque dates from the reign of Sultan Alaaddin Keyk…
Archaeological Site in Arslantepe

Arslantepe Höyüğü

If you have an interest in Anatolian archaeology you'll enjoy the Arslantepe (or Aslantepe) Höyüğü at Orduzu village, 5km northeast of Malatya. Over 30m high and 200m long, this oval-shaped mound is composed of mult…
Tomb in Darende

Somuncu Baba Külliyesi

The main focus of interest in the canyon, drawing large numbers of Turkish visitors, is the tomb of the 14th-century Muslim teacher and ascetic Somuncu Baba. The tomb itself is in a 17th-century mosque set right aga…
Historic Building in Battalgazi

Silahtar Mustafa Paşa Hanı

Off the southwest corner of the main square, facing the mosque with the smooth-topped minaret visible from the square, is the Silahtar Mustafa Paşa Hanı, a restored Ottoman caravanserai dating from the 17th century.…
Turkish in Darende


A firm favourite on the riverside, Hasbahçe offers grills, pide, lahmacun (Arabic-style pizza) and tasty sade börek (like mini cheese-pizza rolls). The Hasbahçe cafe section next door specialises in sweet dishes inc…
Waterfall in Darende

Gürpinar Şelalesi

You'll need your own wheels to visit the Gürpinar Şelalesi, about 7km from Darende (signposted from the Kayseri road). Don't expect Niagara-like falls, but it's an excellent picnic spot and there's a restaurant too.
Museum in Darende

Somuncu Baba Tanıtım Merkezi

The museum in the Somuncu Baba complex displays a sizeable collection of costumes, carpets, weapons, samovars (decorated tea urns) and other objets from traditional Darende life.