Around Konya attractions

Archaeological Site in Around Konya


No, this isn't a hallucination brought on by the parched Konya plain. Rising 20m above the flatlands, the East Mound at Çatalhöyük is left over from one of the largest neolithic settlements on Earth. About 9500 year…
Church in Sille

St Helen's Church

Sille's domed Byzantine St Helen's Church, near the last bus stop, was reputedly founded by Empress Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, although the present-day structure dates to the late 19th century. Its int…
Church in Sille

Küçük Kilese

On the hill to the north of Sille stands the tiny Küçük Kilese. The chapel has been fully renovated and is now home to the Zaman Müzesi (Time Museum) with a small collection of time-keeping implements from across hi…